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Architecture in the world



Speaking about the architecture of the world is not easy, mainly because it is quite different depending on the historical times and places in which it was created.





But there are global trends that can be seen in the architecture in every corner of the world, among them can be listed:


  • use of glass- it is not here only about the big window but the glass panes, which sometimes constitute the main part of the building. Balustrade terraces or even all the balconies are designed just from glass. Glass sometimes also are on walls of buildings,
  • skyscrapers- although admittedly has passed the stage when countries competed with each other about which one of them will be the tallest building, but there is still a tendency to climb high on several floors of office buildings,
  • sustainable construction - that is, what is in harmony with nature, provides the right amount of green in the human environment, the use of natural energy sources, and the materials used in construction, are manufactured in accordance with dens on ecology.



"To create architecture is to ask questions (...) Get close to your own responses "

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