Architecture of Public Space


Urban planning and architecture


Public space is an area in which architecture and urban planning can meet together. Sometimes there are conflicts on this area, other times it is the beginning of a fruitful cooperation.


Main tasks for an urban planner


The task of the planner is to take care of urban space so as to be planned and optimized for living in the people. Urban planner is a man who has to think of the years ahead, plan the development of the city and take care of aesthetic aspects of the city.  


Main tasks for architect


The architect is a person hired for a specific project by institutions or private person. From the architect is expected that he will have creativity and innovation solutions, but also that he will be able to meet the needs of the customer.


Common understanding


When the architectural design has become part of the public space there also meet architect and urban planner aspirations in what way the ready building should look like. To satisfy the interests of both, it is necessary to create a design that will be satisfied for the customer and in the same time will have appearance that will match to the other buildings in the city. In practice it means that nobody should placed a big skyscraper in the historical center of Krakow. There should be located lower building, which will be maintained in a similar style matching the other buildings that already are there.