Wood synonymous of design



For centuries, artists, architects and designers have used wood in various ways, combining their creativity with the excellent performance obtained from their use.



Today, professionals rely on a vast variety for each situation. Wood is an unrestricted material, as long as it is well used, there are no projects in which its use is not indicated. Wood is used in practically 100% of the environment, from rooms and bedrooms, even in kitchens and bathrooms. Great companys as - woodenartefact.co.uk/, are doing an hight standart quality service.Here are some felds they operating.


In decorative woodworking the use of wood panels as wall cladding is a practical and sophisticated solution. Often arising from ideas like hiding a door or embedding a shelf they end up becoming the protagonist of that environment. Another way to use wood is in carpentry furniture projects, wood panels have become a great alternative to hiding outlets, passing cables and adjusting some of the defects in the walls of environments such as: home theather, master suite and home offices, bringing Surprising results. In addition to furniture and coatings, the use of wood can be seen in everyday objects. They are accessories that give refinement to the environment and help in the composition of a cozy decoration.


The most important in the use of wood is knowing which type is most suitable for each project. There are woods that can be used in outdoor areas, such as Ipê decks. Already some woods do not support moisture and, therefore, are not suitable for external use. There are also those considered very 'soft', not suitable for floor coverings.