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Why it is important to repair your doors after an invasion



If you have ever been an unfortunate victim of a robbery, even with all taruma, you will need to act quicly in order to avoid the situation in the future. there are a number of steps you should take:


  • First call the Police as they should be the first to arrive at the crime scene to collect any evidence;

  • Call your insurance company to inform them about the assault and start your insurance claim process;

  • Change your doors, or reinforce your locks




After the first two steps, find a reliable locksmith service, companies like, has long experience in the area, and can help with all the procedures to take after having your residence invaded, depend on the damage your door need to be replaced, or in some cases just repaired.


For the technician in residential security, Adam Lynch, "many people think that having the house invaded, is just a matter of bad luck. But in fact, by my experience in the area, we know that the invasion usually happens when the robbers sees an easy opportunity to commit the crime. When trying to break into the house if they find it too difficult, they just give up, for fear of being caught”.


It is important to act quickly, to prevent the situation in the future, because in addition to the robbery, your home is even more fragile, with a broken door. Here are some steps to take:




  • The door arch must be repaired or replaced; in some cases , when the  doors arch is not broken , just changing the door would be sufficient. 

  • Locks should be replaced or updated-  there is good models in the marketing, made with stan steel, that would resist to any tempt to broken, even with powered pressure.


  • In  some cases the entire door needs to be replaced;in some cases, by a kick, all door get damaged, and need to be replaced for a new one, is the good opportunity to choose a resistant material, which wouldn’t broke easily

  • The installation of extra locks can also be a good option; sometimes is better to have a double lock installation


According to John, who have his residence invaded twice- “after the first episode, I just repair the broken door by myself, but when it happens again, I decided to invest in a professional service, and be more safe”


According to professionals in the area, in some cases it is possible to add a second door next to the first hampers the work of a possible intruder, as it will have to go through two doors. There are also doors that look like gates, called security doors. Some people do not like these extra doors for aesthetic reasons. Some of these secondary doors have tempered glass like a windshield, which means that when they break, they stay in place, do not let go.




Other situation is to let the keys in hide places, specialists reccomend to leave extra keys of the house with trusted friends, family, or neighbors, rather than placing them in strategic places on the property. Burglars may be familiar with common hiding places for extra keys.


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