Boiler - when a new installation is required




In case you have a very old boiler in your residence, which always needs repair or even after several maintenance services, it’s no longer work with the same performance, maybe it is the time for request a new boiler installation. Companies like, has extensive experience in the market, offering quality and safety services.





Old boiler systems besides not working with the expected performance, can consume much more energy, than a new boiler, and cause expensive bills. Another serious problem is that a very old boiler, can even generate carbon monoxide , becoming danger for the whole family.


According to Albert Rossel - "I constantly had problems with the boiler in my residence, I thought a new installation would cost a lot of money, but I end up spending more with frequent repairs and high bills, not to mention the insecurity that the old system represented. Deciding to hire a company to do a new installation was the best option "


Therefore requesting a new installation can bring you greater security, and long-term savings, with reduction in future bills.



The most common problems faced to choose a new installation of gas heaters are these: