The most important issues concerning the construction of the garage made of wood





Due to the increasing number of cars that we have, we are forced to look for new places to store them. We have a brick garage with two positions, but very often it is not enough. What in such a situation? The way out is to build additional garage.




Building materials for garage


A Such garage can be made of many different materials. Of course, the most famous are brick garages. Brick garage is durable and stable, but its a disadvantage is the cost, as well as the execution time. This material results in a very long time and requires a considerable amount of time.


B. Another option is a garage with tinware The tinware is convenient to work with. It can be molded to create such an object that we have. Garage made of tinware is much cheaper than brick. The disadvantage of tinware is that when it heats up the heat is also in the interior of the garage. Similarly happens in winter. Low temperatures cause cooling of the interior.


C. Garage with wood is a very attractive option because of the price. Wood is a perfect insulator, so that the interior of the garage remains cool in summer and cools in winter. Structure made of wood is not as time consuming as in the case of bricklaying. If you do not want to do it by yourself, you can opt for a service offered on the




Construction of a wooden garage



Substrate preparation


While building a garage we should start of preparation of the substrate. We can choose the concrete floor, which can be poured on the ground. Of course, the substrate must be cured. The size we can adjust to our requirements. You should also consider the enlargement of the garage of the so-called utility room, where you can store accessories. Instead of concrete flooring can also be used cobblestones. The most important thing is to check whether the floor in the garage can withstand all loads. Our floor will have to constantly bear the load of several tons which will put our vehicle.



Mounting structures


- To the floor we assemble the various elements of our garage. Before assembly them it is worth to impregnate all the elements because such a process significantly extending the life of the garage. The impregnation should be well dry up and freeze so that you can begin to mount the object.

- Posts you should assemble using metal brackets. Of course you should often check whether everything is properly leveled

- If you want to have a garage window frames in each completed hole you need to build two pairs of reinforcement bars. The holes should be greater than the window in which they wish to place.


Why is is worth to have a window in the garage?


The windows in the garage mainly first of all let in light to the interior and also make it possible to ventilate the building.




Type of garage door


While building a garage with the wood you need to think about what kind of garage door you will choose. This can be a double- leaf gate as well as single-wing- convenient to use.