Essential parameters of the external doors




Exterior doors are the most important when it comes to the safety of our home. Deciding on the door we are usually guided by their price, as well as the appearance. But only few people realize how important are the parameters of the door that should provide us appropriate level of security.



Key features of good external doors


While process of choosing the appropriate door, we must first of all pay attention to such aspects:


The width, because it determines whether our doors will be comfortable and that will not cause problems when trying to bring furniture and equipment inside of the building. The width of the front door should not be less than ninety centimeters. Of course, the hole prepared under the door must be correspondingly larger to fit the frame.

The height of the front door should be about a meter. Of course, also in this case the hole prepare to fit the door must be greater than a few centimeters.

The heat transfer coefficient is a parameter very important in the case of the front door. Most often this value is given on the label or in the product description, but if you do not find the relevant information you could just ask a reseller. What's interesting, sometimes heat transfer coefficients are different for different parts of the door. This is primarily where our doors are glazed.

Sound insulation is important especially for people who live next to the busy roads. Its value is expressed in decibels, of course, the higher, the door will pass less noise. If we want good sound insulation we should choose doors with additional seals. Not only they improve the tightness of the product, but also improves the sound insulation.

Robust door locks largely depend on ourselves. If we are unsure about how to choose the best product that we can consult with a locksmith who has extensive experience in this field. Door lock must be durable, resistant to atmospheric agents as well as mechanical damages. Of particular importance is the type of key that is used. The better the quality of the key the more expensive the product is and harder is to open the door using other tools, which can guarantee a greater level of security.



Anton says: 'For years I have been locksmith and in my career I often advised clients on the choice of door locks. Today there are many models, both electronic as well as those that are hybrids of mechanical and electronic systems, but I still recommend mainly mechanical locks. You can easily fix them, easily replace damaged parts and make a duplicate of the keys. Mechanical lock is durable and it does not need an external power source. When clients ask what type of product to choose, it would urge them to do just this type of lock. Please be aware that this is to a large extent on the quality of the lock depends on the security of our house and household. Not worth the bet on unproven solutions, resulting solely from the prevailing fashion or as a consequence of ignorance. '