Boiler installation in new residence - factors to consider


The boiler is a delicate and demanding device that requires a careful choice, a lot of care and planning before installation, in order to  works properly and does not cause future problems after the installation. For these factors, the most recommended is to  hire a company specialized in the area, which offers experienced professionals such as -, who has extensive experience in the market, and with fast and safe services.

According to David Trevor "During the construction of my new home, when I came across the choice of central heating system, I found many doubts, such as: which would be the ideal place, which model to choose, among others. Hiring a specialized company was the best solution, to get the necessary support when choosing and installing."



According to experts here are the two key factors to consider before installation:

1- The location of the installation:

It is worth remembering the safety area rule: do not install gas equipment in non-ventilated environments, there must be areas of ventilation that can not be closed. One should avoid installing the equipment in the bathroom / bathroom or bedroom.

The place where the heater is installed must have permanent ventilation, since the burner consumes oxygen during combustion. Ventilation should never be eliminated or reduced in these environments.

2- Type of boiler

Currently there are many options on the market, the most ideal and always consult an expert when choosing from such variety. The professional to evaluate data such as the size of your home, use, location of installation, and advise you which best model fits your needs.