How to choose the best wooden panels





Appearance of the floor in fact is a result of the nature of the apartment. Such floor should match to the colors of the walls, furniture and doors. More and more often we decide to floor panels, but their choice in the market is so wide that the decision may not be easy. Firstly, a good idea will be to prepare a floor plan. Wooden panels vary in size, texture, decor, and even the shape of the edges. So, before you choose one of the models, you should think about what style you want to have in a particular room.



The price is not the most important


That's how much we want to spend on the panels, it is an individual matter. In the shops we can find a solution for every budget, but very often the price could said us something more about the quality of the wooden panels. Those models that have higher resistance are usually more expensive. If you also want additional equipment (for example an integrated mute) then you must prepare for even greater expense.



Estimate how many panels you need and prepare to the installation of panels


Even if you make very precise measurements of the room, it may happen that you do not use all purchased panels. If the room has an irregular shape (characterized by a large number of recesses and folds) it is worth to purchase approx. 10% more panels than the results from the calculations. Do you need a help with their installation? You should decide to hire a professional building team from that link.