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Workshop of architect

Work of the architect is not only to design buildings, as many people think. It is much more complicated. Being an architect means the necessity of contact with the client, knowledge of the law and administrative procedures. There we present a range of knowledge and skills required for an architect:


  • aesthetic sense because every building that are designed should primarily be beautiful.   

  • spatial imagination and ease in establishing social contacts- every building has its function. It is important to ‘see’ how people could be found in such project.

  • knowledge of safety rules, construction law and a number of other provisions- during designing a house or public building it is necessary to reach number of legal provisions and good architect should know about it.   

  • administrative procedures- the architect must be familiar with all procedures related to the construction of a building, from permit needed to start all works to the acceptance of the finish building.

  • communication with people- the architect must have the ability to listen and communicate information to meet customer expectations in terms of design.

"To create architecture is to ask questions (...) Get close to your own responses "

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